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Guide pour l'égalité des genres dans les politiques et les pratiques de formation des enseignants
Publ: 2017; 112 p.More
Jõgi, Larissa; Karu, Katrin; Krabi, Kristiina
Rethinking teaching and teaching practice at university in a lifelong learning context
International review of education: journal of lifelong learning; 61, 1
Publ: 2015; p. 61-77*.More
A Guide for gender equality in teacher education policy and practices
Publ: 2015; 111 p.*.More
Programmes éducatifs et guides d'exécution: éducation aux droits de l'homme et à la citoyenneté (EDHC): CAFOP
Publ: 2012; 134 p.*; SN/2012/ED/PI/H/9.More
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Therriault, Geneviève; Harvey, Léon
Epistemological beliefs and their relationship in the knowledge of preservice secondary school teachers
Prospects: quarterly review of comparative education; XLIII(43), 4 / 168
Publ: 2013; p. 441-459*.More
Brown, Sally; Wake, Rosemary
Education in transition: what role for research? A collection of papers to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Scottish Council for Research in Education
Publ: 1988; 159 p.More
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Billeh, Victor Y.
Studenten als Lehrer; Der Überblick
Publ: 2003; p. 34.More
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Mbamba, A. Mauno
Report on first residential course, Nairobi, 1987
Publ: 1987; 151 p. + annexes.More
Bennett, Neville; Carré, Clive
Learning to teach
Publ: 1993; 242 p.More
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Smith, Frank
Whose language? What power? : a universal conflict in a South African setting
Publ: 1993; 177 p.More
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