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Pastore, Francesco
TVET in developing countries through the second wave of the ILO SWTSs
Background paper prepared for the 2017/8 Global education monitoring report, Accountability in education: meeting our commitments;
Publ: 2017; 20 p.*; ED/GEMR/MRT/2017/P1/17.More
Recueil des principaux indicateurs d'analyse des relations éducation formation-emploi
Série outils et méthodes; 1
Publ: 2017; 40 p.*.More
Compilation of the main indicators for analysis of the relationship between education/training and employment
Tools and methods; 1
Publ: 2017; 40 p.*.More
Lavrijsen, Jeroen; Nicaise, Ides
Returns on vocational education over the life cycle: between immediate labour market preparation and lifelong employability
International review of education: journal of lifelong learning; 63, 2
Publ: 2017; p. 257-280*.More
Staki, Sandra L.; Baily, Supriya
Educating adolescent girls around the globe: challenges and opportunities
Publ: 2015; 284 p.More
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Carpenter, Sara
Special issue: youth, social crisis and learning; International journal of lifelong education
Publ: 2016; p. 119-202.More
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No full text
Conference on Transition of Women from Education to Full Employment; New Delhi; 2015
Women, education, skills and work: compendium, case studies from India
Publ: 2015; 96 p.More
Forestier, Christian
Formation professionnelle et employabilité; Revue internationale d'éducation Sèvres
Publ: 2016; p. 31-184.More
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Gag, Maren; Voges, Franziska
Inklusion auf Raten: zur Teilhabe von Flüchtlingen an Ausbildung und Arbeit
Publ: 2014; 302 p.More
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Enhancing relevance in TVET: review of progress in the Asia-Pacific since 2012
Publ: 2016; 75 p., illus.*.More
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