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Belil, Mireia; Borja, Jordi; Corti, Marcelo
Ciudades, una ecuación imposible
Publ: 2012; 367 p., illus.More
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Bresciani, Maria Stella Martins; Depaule, Jean-Charles
Palavras da cidade
Publ: 2001; 366 p., illus.More
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Hainard, François; Verschuur, Christine
Empoderamiento de las mujeres en las crisis urbanas: género, medio ambiente y barrios marginados
Publ: 2001; 224 p.More
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Deelstra, Tjeerd; Yanitsky, Oleg
Cities of Europe: the public's role in shaping the urban environment; Essays and case studies
Publ: 1991; 391 p., illus.More
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Cauter, Theodore; Downham, John
The Communication of ideas: a study of contemporary influences on urban life
Publ: 1954; 324 p.More
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Manniche, Peter
Dänemark, ein soziales Versuchsfeld
Publ: 1953; 240 p., illus.More
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Topalov, Christian
L'Aventure des mots de la ville à travers le temps, les langues, les sociétés
Publ: 2010; 1489 p.More
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The Conscience of the city; Daedalus: journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Publ: 1968; p. 1091-1438.More
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Anheier, Helmut K.; Isar, Yudhishthir Raj; Hoelscher, Michael
Cities, cultural policy and governance
Publ: 2012; 448 p., illus., maps.More
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The Auroville experience: selections from 202 issues of Auroville Today, November 1988 to November 2005
Publ: 2006; 282 p., illus.More
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