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Gowda, Nagaraje
(Watershed concepts for dry land development)
Publ: 1988; 18 p., illus.More
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Ffolliott, Peter F.; Brooks, Kenneth N.; Neary, Daniel G.; Pizarro, Roberto; García Chevesich, Pablo
Soil erosion and sediment production on watershed landscapes: processes, prevention, and control
Documento técnico del PHI-LAC; 32
Publ: 2013; 73 p.*.More
Browning-Aiken, Anne; Heejun Chang
North American UNESCO - HELP Workshop, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, May 10-12, 2010
Publ: 2014; 66 p., illus., maps*; SC/HYD/HELP/2014/1.More
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Medina, Lucile; Rodríguez, Tania
Dinámicas de cooperación transfronteriza alrededor de la gestión ambiental de la Cuenca del Río Sixaola, en la frontera entre Costa Rica y Panamá; Dynamics of cross border cooperation for the environmental management of the Sixaola Basin on the border between Costa Rica and Panama
Aqua-LAC: revista del Programa Hidrológico Internacional para América Latina y el Caribe; 3, 2
Publ: 2011; p. 115-126, map*.More
Kauffer Michel, Edith F.; Aguilar, Clara Luz Villanueva
Retos de la gestión de una cuenca construida: la Península de Yucatán en México; Challenges of water management in a constructed watershed: the Yucatan Peninsula watershed in Mexico
Aqua-LAC: revista del Programa Hidrológico Internacional para América Latina y el Caribe; 3, 2
Publ: 2011; p. 81-91, maps*.More
Chadha, D.K.; Neupane, B.R.
Significance of geomorphic analysis of watershed for optimization of recharge structures
Publ: 2011; 101 p., illus., maps*.More
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Azab, Amel Moustafa
Integrating GIS, remote sensing, and mathematical modelling for surface water quality management in irrigated watersheds
Publ: 2012; 225 p., illus., maps.More
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Tezer, Azime
Integrated management of aquatic habitats: urban biosphere reserve (UBR) approach for the Omerli Watershed, Istanbul, Turkey
Aquatic habitats in sustainable urban water management: science, policy and practice;
Publ: 2008; p. 200-208, illus., map.More
International Conference on Water Scarcity, Global Changes and Groundwater Management Responses; Irvine, USA; 2008
Fried, Jean J.; Scherfig, Jan
International Conference on Water Scarcity, Global Changes, and Groundwater Management Responses, December 2008, University of California, Irvine, United States: proceedings
Publ: 2011; (1480 p. in various pagings), illus., maps*.More
Tanaka, Tadashi; Jayakumar, R.; Tsujimura, M.
UNESCO Chair Workshop on International Strategy for Sustainable Groundwater Management: Transboundary Aquifers and Integrated Watershed Management: proceedings
Technical documents in hydrology; 2
Publ: 2009; 115 p., illus., maps*; CN/2009/SC/RP/5.More
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