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Sutherland, Margaret B.
Women and education: progress and problems
Les Femmes et l'éducation: progrès et problèmes
La Mujer y la educación: progreso y problemas
Prospects: quarterly review of education; XXI, 2
Publ: 1991; p. 145-155.More
Hafkin, Nancy J.; Bay, Edna G.
Women in Africa: studies in social and economic change
Publ: 1976; 306 p.More
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Hartnett, Oonagh; Rendel, Margherita
Women's studies in the UK
Publ: 1975; 30 p.More
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Maccia, Elizabeth Steiner; Coleman, Martha Ann; Estep, Myrna
Women and education
Publ: 1975; 381 p.More
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Biddlecombe, Lorraine
Learning the hard way: women's oppression in men's education
Publ: 1989; 208 p.More
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Teichler, Paula A.; Kramarae, Cheris
For Alma Mater: theory and practice in feminist scholarship
Publ: 1985; 450 p., illus.More
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Bose, Christine E.; Priest-Jones, Janet
The Relationship between women's studies, career development, and vocational choice
Publ: 1980; 59 p.More
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Ntiri, Daphne Williams
Literacy as gendered discourse: engaging the voices of women in global societies
Publ: 2015; 203 p.More
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Zalewski, Marysia
Feminist international relations: Exquisite Corpse
Publ: 2013; 169 p.More
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Hagen, Markéta von; Willems, Johanne
Gender: Schlüsselthema für Entwicklung sowie Bildung für Nachhaltige Entwicklung
Publ: 2011; p. 11-15.More
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