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Faetanini, Marina
Urban policies and the right to the city in India: rights, responsibilities and citizenship
Publ: 2011; 180 p., illus.*.More
Navez-Bouchanine, Françoise
Evolution of urban policy and slum clearance in Morocco: successes and transformations of social contracting
International social science journal; LIX(59), 3/4 (193/194)
Publ: 2008; p. 359-380, illus.*.More
Jouve, Bernard
Urban policies and the right to the city: the UN-Habitat and UNESCO joint project
Publ: 2009; 174 p.More
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Brown, Alison; Kristiansen, Annali
Urban policies and the right to the city: rights, responsibilities and citizenship
MOST policy papers, new series MOST-2;
Publ: 2008; 2009; 56 p., illus.*; SHS/SRP/URB/2008/PI/H/3 REV.More
Musterd, Sako; Murie, Alan; Kesteloot, Christian
Neighbourhoods of poverty: urban social exclusion and integration in Europe
Publ: 2006; 259 p.More
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Urban Policies and the Right to the City; Paris; 2005
International public debates: urban policies and the right to the city; Débats publics internationaux: politiques urbaines et le droit à la ville
Human settlements and socio-cultural environment; 57
Publ: 2006; 236 p., illus. + 1 CD-ROM*; SHS/2006/PI/H/4.More
UN-HABITAT/UNESCO/ISSC Working Meeting; 2nd; Barcelona, Spain; 2006
Iwamoto, Wataru
Speech of Mr Wataru Iwamoto, Director for the Division of Social Sciences, Research and Policy, Sector for Social and Human Sciences on: links between urban policies and the right to the city
Publ: 2006; 6 p.; SHS/2006/PI/H/1.More
Critical analysis of urban policies and their impact on urban poverty eradication: a review of tools, techniques and practices
Publ: 2003; 161 p., illus.More
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Urban policies and poverty reduction: the Recife Declaration and authentic illustrations of implementation; Politiques urbaines et lutte contre la pauvreté: la Déclaration de Recife et quelques exemples concrets de mise en oeuvre
Publ: 1998; 86 p.More
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Golany, Gideon
International urban growth policies: new town contributions
Publ: 1978; 460 p., illus., maps, plans.More
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