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Sargent, Leslie W.
The Development of communication and opinion research: Guyana - (mission) 8 Apr.-18 May 1978
Assistance to Member States for the development of communication research and policies;
Publ: 1978; 22 p.; FMR/CC/DCS/78/147; RP/1977-78/4.141.5/Technical report.More
AMIC International Conference on Communication Teaching and Training; Singapore; 1976
Sargent, Leslie W.; Sinha, P.R.R.; Fontgalland, Guy de
Training for broadcasting in Asia
Publ: 1977; 149 p., illus.More
Library Catalogue
Sargent, Leslie W.
Planning of communication for development: Kingdom of Nepal - (mission) March-April 1974
Publ: 1974; (37 p. in various pagings)*; 3051/RMO.RD/FDC.More
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Sargent, Leslie W.
Mass communication training and research: Jamaica - (mission) April-December 1972
Publ: 1973; 8 p.; 2857/RMO.RD/DAC; FR/UNDP/JAM/011/MC/001.More
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