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Liberar el potencial de las comunidades urbanas, volumen II: estudios de caso de dieciséis ciudades del aprendizaje
Publ: 2017; 179 p., illus.*.More
Mobiliser le potentiel des communautés urbaines, volume II: études de cas de seize villes apprenantes
Publ: 2017; 177 p., illus.*.More
Unlocking the potential of urban communities, volume II: case studies of sixteen learning cities
Publ: 2017; 177 p., illus.*.More
Hanemann, Ulrike; Krolak, Lisa
Fostering a culture of reading and writing: examples of dynamic literate environments; selected case studies from http://www.unesco/uil/litbase
Publ: 2017; 147 p., illus.*.More
Goddard, John
The Civic university: the policy and leadership challenges
Publ: 2016; 328 p.More
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Eldred, Jan
Advocating adult literacy in international development; Reflect
Publ: 2008; p. 18-19.More
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Casey, Helen; Wilkie, Moya; McKeown, Anne
Special report: employability; Reflect
Publ: 2010; p. 4-13.More
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Rendel, Leila M.
The Caldecott Community: a survey of forty-eight years
Publ: 1960; 45 p., illus.More
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Holford, John; Milana, Marcella; Waller, Richard
The Learning adult: building and reflecting on the work of Peter Jarvis; International journal of lifelong education
Publ: 2017; p. 1-249.More
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Taylor, William
The University and lifelong learning: the case of the UK; CRE-action
Publ: 1990; p. 79-94.More
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